What Will Your Legacy Be?

Growing up the phrase “celebration of life” was not in the vocabulary of my family or friends when it came to attending a funeral service…sad but true.

Gratefully we can make decisions which can change the trajectory of our lives as we conduct ourselves in a manner where our lives will be celebrated when we are called home by our Creator!

“Ultimately we must decide if we will choose to lead our lives in a manner worthy of a celebration when we die?”

I find it ironic how men to desire to be “known” in life, yet give little thought to how we will be “remembered” after we die. The question I wrestle with and one I suspect rattles around in the minds of most men:

“Is my life and what I prioritize reflective of how I would like to be remembered and do my actions and the investments of my time lay a foundation for the legacy I want to leave?”


The picture you see here and the quote by Paul Cole, President of the Christian Men’s Network, was something I created into the poster displayed in this post. This ties directly into the message our One Thing Men’s Ministry is sharing today at our weekly gathering concerning What Matters Most to Men.

  • What we believe and Who we believe in is indicative in the way we conduct our lives.
  • Where we invest our time reflects what and who has priority in our lives.\
  • When we serve our humility is illustrated which also illuminates to those being served their value to us and to the world.


trusting God period!

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Truly Brave Video


Photo Credit: Today Show

The Truly Brave video is Hoda Kotb‘s contribution to the NBC Today Show’s Shine A Light program, where each anchor selected a worthy cause to support throughout the year. Hoda, a breast cancer survivor herself, chose to lift the spirits of children with cancer and raise money for pediatric cancer.

In know first-hand cancer is unbelievably tough to endure as an adult, yet I can’t fathom what it must be like for a child and their parents to battle this beast. Koda shared: “It just so happens that several years ago the TODAY Show sent me to a children’s cancer hospital for a series of stories.  I was frozen at the door… did not want to walk inside. I guess I was just afraid to see so much pain. But with one glimpse of the first child I saw there, another feeling washed over me. I was feeling hopeful, almost joyful!”

“I want to do everything I can to prevent cancer from taking these young lives.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a nurse, but I want to do what I can. To lift their spirits and help these kids heal!” ~ Hoda Kotb

Pitching in to help with the fight was Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles who collaborated on the song Truly Brave and helped create this amazing video to create awareness for pediatric cancer and raise money for cancer research through the American Cancer Society. Please take a few minutes (four actually) to watch the video and then make a donation using this link. All proceeds raise go directly to grants for pediatric cancer research.  Together, we can help prevent this disease from taking more young lives.

I don’t know who could watch this video and listen to the words of the song, Truly Brave, and not be moved to tears. But what I want is the Leveraging Life community to do is step up and join this fight by making a donation! Let your heart guide your wallet and share some of what you have been blessed with.

Truth be told cancer is something which has touched most of our lives, and none of us want to face or have family members fight the beast cancer truly is. But I cannot honestly look at the faces of these beautiful children in this video and not step up to do my part to donate and share this story and the video to help prevent cancer taking the life anyone’s child.


Join the discussion: Please take a minute to leave a comment below about your favorite part of the video (for me it’s smiles when the kids get lost in the fun and forget where they are) and take a minute to use the buttons at the bottom or top of this post to share what you have read here on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and LinkedIn this will help spread the word!

Thank you for visiting Leveraging Life and God Bless!

~ Tom

trusting God period! 

I’d love your help…this blog is read primarily because people like you share it with friends. Would you take a minute to share it by pressing one of the share buttons below?

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Marines Boldly Worship


I found this video of Marines on base at Camp Pendleton on Facebook as they were worshiping during a church service. The video speaks for itself and it caused me to pause as I witnessed how boldly the Marines shared their excited and displayed their emotions during their faith service.

Truth be told I don’t believe we should compare how we worship with other individuals or groups. I truly believe how we worship is a personal matter. But I do believe, from time to time, we should ask ourselves if our worship is in alignment with the blessings we have received.

Giving to People Who Give


 What would you do if the person you were trying to help chose not to accept your gift and instead gave something back to you?

BigDawsTV is a major player in the social media arena, and his videos have garnered millions of views thanks to his creative thinking and sense of humor filming pranks and parody’s. Rather than trying to paraphrase the motivation for the filming of this video I thought I would share YouTube description which accompanies the video and then let you watch the video to see what happens when the camera rolls.

 I love making prank videos but every once in a while I really enjoy making a feel good video. What better way to give back than giving to people who give? I really think the whole concept is genius and completely original. Everyone on Youtube has been making videos about giving to the homeless (Including myself) so I thought I’d step outside the box and give to the people who are doing the giving. I thank all my subscribers for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy the video. #DawsKingdom Let’s all give the video a like a the very least, share on social media if you’re a true solider.

Let’s make a difference. I encourage you all to go make a difference in someone’s day.

Why Me cancer, why me?


Photo Credit: donnareidland.com/

Recently a friend of mine shared with me an article written by former White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow, prior to his untimely death from cancer. In his article Tony shared his thoughts concerning his diagnosis with a potential fatal disease and the obvious question…why me cancer, why me?

Sadly our “why me” questions most likely will not not be answered to our satisfaction until we find ourselves in Heaven. Theses unanswered questions usually lead us to a fork in the road where we either blame God or learn to trust God in the midst of our why me” circumstances.

I know in my three bouts with cancer I initially wallowed in the “why me” for quite some time, but eventually I was able to look past the diagnosis and place everything in God’s hands learning to trust God period in all things…even cancer.

Your journey, my journey may be unique, yet we share one thing in common…how do we answer the question:

What do you do when this is nothing you can do?

Well there is one thing we can do…we can journey together in community, supporting, caring, and praying for each other.

Leave a comment with your contact information at the bottom of the post to join the Leveraging Life community so we can journey together. This will offer all of us the opportunity to support one another and encourage each other to trust God period when we find ourselves in situations where questions are unanswered and anxiety is high.


Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings

By: Tony Snow (1955 – 2008)

Blessings arrive in unexpected packages, in my case – cancer.”

Those of us with potentially fatal diseases – and there are millions in America today – find ourselves in the odd position of coping with our mortality while trying to fathom God’s will. Although it would be the height of presumption to declare with confidence ‘What It All Means,’ scripture provides powerful hints and consolations.

The first is that we shouldn’t spend too much time trying to answer the ‘why’ questions: Why me?

See How God Uses A Walk-On To Reach USC Teammates


The story begins with Ben seeing an announcement about walk-on tryouts for the football team taking place later in the week. Ben Malcolmson, a reporter for the school newspaper who covered the team and he thought there might be a story he could share with the readers if he tried-out for the team. In his wildest dreams, Ben never thought he might make the team having not played football since the 5th grade, much less one of the top ranked Division 1A teams in the nation, the USC Trojans.

“You can catch the ball, you fast, you on the team. Almost immediately after making the team I realized God had His hand on this and He had something great planned.”

Yet despite his hopes and all Ben’s plans to leverage his faith with his teammates, nothing he tried to seemed to working in his eyes.

Did Ben feel frustrated? Of course he did!

Was Ben dejected? Absolutely!

Yet God was at work.!

God had a plan in play with Ben’s teammates.

And little would Ben know how big a role he would play in God’s plan!

Please take a few minutes to watch this video so you can hear the rest of the story.

Here we find lessons all of us can leverage as we navigate life in the midst of the frustration which occurs when our plans don’t fall in alignment with God’s plan for our role where He placed us.

Cincinnati Bengals: Winners On and Off the Field


Most NFL prospects who are cut prior to making the 53 man roster consider this point in their life to be the lowest point in their athletic career. Yet Cincinnati Bengal Devon Still, is unlike any NFL prospect, as he was cut but now can focus his attention on his daughter, Leah, who has been battling Stage 4 pediatric cancer since June.

I completely understand where the Bengals were coming from when they cut me because I could not give football 100 percent right now, Still, 25, told ABC News.

Help Fight Cancer Today


It takes a village to raise a child…is a quote most of us have heard, and something which depicts the role a community can play to influence and impact the trajectory of a child’s life. As a cancer survivor, I am of the belief from personal experience the same thought process can apply if you want to help someone battle cancer.

It takes a community to win the war against cancer and you can help fight cancer today!

Let me introduce you to my friends David and Lynn Walker, fellow Alpharetta residents and members of North Point Community Church who are at war with cancer. David has already gone to war with cancer twice and was recently informed he must battle once again as cancer was found in his brain and liver. Radiation and chemo are underway but aggressive therapies like “high-dose” Vitamin C infusions are not covered by his insurance.  To further compound the situation he lost his job due to the fact his is prohibited from driving for a period of time due to the medication.

The Day After Father’s Day


iStockphoto credit @ Sarun Laowong

While the Father’s Day cards may still be on the mantle this Monday morning, conference calls have to be taken, meetings have to be attended, and the ends to a means of making a living for our families starts anew the day after Father’s day.

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right. ~ Wade Boggs

The day after Father’s Day is a day where carpools have to be driven, baseball practices have to be attended, and recitals have to be celebrated. It’s a day where we balance our travel schedule so our flights home gives us enough time to make it to key games and family events.

ESPN shared an illustration of what the 364 day commitment looked like on the grand scale for All-Pro Dad Mark Schlereth and his son, major league baseball pitcher Daniel Schlereth on Father’s Day.

For most of us the lives of our children will not play out on the grand stage, irregardless what we do matters, day in day out!

We as Dads, have the opportunity to influence and impact the lives of our sons and daughters by being present and by being committed to them day in and day out. Our commitment lets them know they are a priority in our lives as compared to our work and our social agenda!

Make the commitment and choose to make a difference because our lives cast a wake behind us and this one commitment can impact generations to come.


trusting God period!

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Professing our faith and living out our faith comes down to what “Thy will be done” looks like in our daily life. If we find ourselves interchanging “thy” and “my” based on the situation we just might be trying to build one too many kingdoms.  


trusting God period! 

Bible (New King James Version), Matthew 6:10