I Smile – Worship Wednesday

Doing life is hard at times….plain and simple. Sometimes we make it that way for ourselves because the choices we make and at other times it just spins out of control with uncertainty, pain, and hardship.

I’m not sure where you are at this moment, but if you read my post Out To Lunch you’ll know I’m smack dab in the middle of the “uncertainty category” which is why I think Kirk Franklin’s new single “I Smile” is the perfect prescription for me as I wait for answers and pray about decisions on the horizon.

My guess is I’m not only one who falls in that category, and I’m sure others are facing hardship and dealing with pain in their lives.  But I do hope this song, at least for a few moments, offers you encouragement, support, promise, and hope.  So in the midst of the chaos that is our week accept this invitation to take a break, a Worship Wednesday break, and Smile.

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I’ve been a big fan of Kirk Franklin’s music for several years because of the fresh approach he brings praise and worship music. Songs like September, a Earth Wind & Fire remix, describes when you first find out that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is possible; and Imagine Me which describes the point where you finally “Get It” and see yourself as you are, loved by Christ despite the sin and not being worthy, accepted because you accepted Him and invited Christ into your heart….finally free….with all our guilt, all our shame, all our sins – Gone!

Thanks to Grant Jenkins for his post about Kirk Franklin which gave me the early heads up about the release of I Smile on his blog An Idol Heart. Grant gives us a snapshot of what it was to work alongside Kirk and his post also provides insight not only into the man Kirk is but also the raw emotion behind the music Kirk share with us all. 

You may also want to check out this link to a post Grace Walk author Steve McVey did on Kirk Franklin where he featured a reprint of CCM Magazine article about Kirk’s story called The Revolution of a Broken Man.  

“What I try to do more than anything is be very honest and very transparent, whether it’s about the pornography or girls or whatever… because I came from a very promiscuous lifestyle, just trying to find love the sex way. So I try to talk about those things and be open about the mistakes I’ve made.”

“I feel like one of the greatest gifts God has given me through this season is to be able help people. And you only help people by showing them your battle scars.”

  At the bottom of the article you find the song I mentioned earlier called Imagine Me….take a minute to listen and watch the video after reading Kirk’s story, it will make you Smile even brighter today as it serves to remind you that you too can be free in Christ or maybe it will remind you of the day you were freed by Christ!

So Smile Today & Smile Often…It’s contagious and God would like nothing better than for you to be the Catalyst of a whole lot of smiling in your world today! 


trusting God period

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