Friday Favorites – Dan’s Coffee Run

Most Fridays I feature a website, blog, book, or video that for me has become a favorite. It may be a favorite resource, a source of inspiration, or just something I found interesting. Please feel free to comment, and I hope you might share a favorite or two of your own in the comment section. Who knows, maybe I will feature something you shared as a future Friday Favorite.

Dan’s Coffee Run

If you’ve ordered a cup coffee recently at Starbucks, you’ve noticed the traditional green and white cups have gone by the wayside for the red and white “Every Love” cups. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Starbucks invited their employees and customers to share their stories and celebrate the relationships which have touched our lives. 

Starbucks Everylove Stories

Everylove is for all the relationships in your life worth celebrating. It appears differently to each of us, but we all recognize it the same – by the flutter in our hearts and the smiles on our faces. It appears as a laughing friend, a helping hand, a familiar face. We’d love to hear what this special feeling means to you. Tell us about the simple joys people create in your life – tell us about your everylove.

My favorite Everylove story is one that hits close to my heart, as I truly understand the impact Dan is making every Thursday when he makes his Starbucks Coffee Run.

[tentblogger-youtube HTOpqgQx0xc]


I wanted you to know you are an inspiration to me and to all who come to know your story. As someone who sat in one of those recliners for eight cycles of chemo, I just wanted to say thank you for what you do and for the life lesson it teaches all of us!

-You are giving hope!

-You are making a difference!

-You are impacting lives beyond what you may ever fathom!


God has prepared a ministry for all of us, yet most of us are looking for some grand calling and miss the passion God placed on our hearts. Follow your heart and the passion that is revealed so you can serve God and the people He has put in your path.

Pray for wisdom to know what to do with this vision, and then pray for courage to act upon it.




trusting God period!

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    with you Tom and Shari.
       a 2nd SF Bay Area mcc Gathering comin up on the 26th.  a lot goin on in Seattle.  holding you in heart.  marty c