Starbucks {NAME THIS} Contest

All the great stories have a hero and a villain, but when a story becomes a saga the villain usually becomes an arch nemesis.







 As most of you know or have figured out I am in the midst of a story of my own and some who know me well may even call it a saga; but the Road Runner had Wiley C. Coyote, Batman had the Joker, Jerry had Newwwwman, and the only problem is my arch nemesis has no name. Actually it is a Linear Particle Accelerator, but that’s not much of a name is it?   

The unnamed arch nemesis

This is it the actual machine I wrestle with each day and now that you have the image it’s time to NAME IT so you can win this!

Contest will run through Sunday Sept. 19, 2010 7:00pm with the winner receiving a $15.00 Starbucks Gift Card. Winner will be announce by noon on Sept. 20, 2010. Your entry is your comment below, and don’t forget to use the Facebook & Twitter buttons on the side to share this post with all your friends so they can join in the fun.


trusting God period 

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  • Tom

    Alan thinks “The Merkelminator”.

  • Shari

    How about Eradicator??? Oops. I missed the deadline.

    • Tom

      Thanks for the entry, you were a little tardy for the deadline but I do appreciate the effort and the suggestion. Puff is a lot easier for me to spell than Eredecter 😉 ~Tom